The annual Foam Talent Call is designed to showcase exceptional young photographers from all over the world.



Magazine Publication

Works of the Foam Talents are featured and discussed in Foam Magazine's Talent issue. The issue is distributed through Foam Magazine's extensive network.

Travelling Exhibition

The works are also showcased in a travelling exhibition and a large outdoor exhibition at Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam.

International Discovery

Symposiums, events and masterclasses accompany the exhibitions and attract both professionals from the field of and photography enthusiasts.

Online Exposure

Foam Magazine has an extensive online network. Talents are invited to contribute to the various social media platforms, and these platforms are used to promote any future work created by the Foam Talents.

Foam Talent

What is a Foam Talent?

There is an inevitable disparity between the most prominent common factors in all the submissions and our ultimate selection. So which criteria do we use to select certain artists? Being a talent normally describes someone of a young age who has outstanding skills or abilities compared to a person of roughly the same age.

Besides the work of those artists about whom we have the impression, or the conviction, that they have an above-average talent we also try to judge whether the work is of above-average importance for current developments in photography. The work must in some sense either represent the Zeitgeist or move against the current and, whether conceptually, aesthetically, formally or at the level of content, add something to what we already know, show something new that we believe may be part of future developments.

It is not always easy to distinguish trendsetters from trend-followers. Developments happen so quickly, and the field offers so many opportunities for informing oneself almost immediately about trends, hypes and the latest fashion, that nowadays the search for authenticity and sincerity can be problematic. Nonetheless, given our expertise, we think and hope that we are able to make a selection that will stand the test of time and provide, in retrospect, a clear picture of the kind of relevant photographic work made in our own day by a relatively young generation of photographers.


Where can I submit to the Foam Talent Call? How do I submit?

The Foam Talent Call is currently closed. We look forward to receiving your submission in February 2016 in due time.

When do you select the Foam Talents?

The selection procedure takes place after the Talent Call closes: between the end of March and beginning of June.

When will the Talent issue be released?

The Talent Issue of Foam Magazine is released at the end of August.

Who selects the Foam Talents?

The Talents are always selected by the editorial team at Foam Magazine.

When is the deadline?

27 March 2015, 11.59 pm, UTC + 1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands time.

Why is there a fee?

Foam Magazine is non-profit. The €35 entry requirement supports the Foam Talent platform, which consists of travelling exhibitions, symposiums, talks and events organised to support the Talents.

Can I submit using an artist’s name?

Yes but you must include your real name also.

I’ve submitted my work but I want to change it – is this possible?

Unfortunately no, once your work is submitted that’s it – no changes!

Can I send my submission by post or in an e-mail? Can I send a book? If I don’t have a CV can I still submit to the Talent Call? Do I have to provide a brief description for both projects?

Only complete submissions will be considered:
This means 2 projects, 8 - 10 JPEG images per project, a brief description of each project and a CV in either docx or PDF format (no longer than one A4 page each) - compressed in a zip file no larger than 5MB. This is considered a complete submission and an entry to the Foam Talent Call.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

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