The annual Foam Talent Call is designed to showcase exceptional young photographers from all over the world.



Get published

Talents will be featured in the international photography magazine, Foam Magazine, and be distributed through the magazine's extensive online platforms

Get exhibited

Work by the 2014 Talents will be exhibited in Amsterdam in a public exhibition during Unseen Photo Fair

Get connected

Talents will be introduced to a wide network of photography enthusiasts and professionals

Get known

The Foam Talent Call is a springboard into the international photography industry, giving young photographers international recognition and acclaim

Selection procedure

When will the selection procedure take place?

Between March and June 2014. If you are selected, we will notify you as soon as possible.

When am I a talent?

There is a difference between 'being talented' and 'being a talent'. Being talented isn't really related to age. Irving Penn was still very talented at a very old age. Being a talent normally describes someone of a young age who has outstanding skills or abilities compared to a person of roughly the same age. In Foam Magazine we always pay attention to the work of truly talented photographers, but in our annual Talent issue we present the work of artists we consider true talents. For more information please read this blog post of our editor.

When will the Talent issue be released?

The talent issue will be released in August 2014.

Who will be the judges?

The Foam Magazine editorial team will select entries.

Why is there a fee?

Because Foam Magazine is non-profit, the €35 that we ask to enter The Foam Talent Call goes towards producing future issues. We have a small, dedicated team that is passionate about photography and they devote a great deal of time into sourcing not just great work, but also the best way to present it. For more information please read this blog post of our editor.

Why is there an age limit?

To enter the Foam Talent Call, you should be between 18 and 35 years old, born between 1996 and 1979. The age limits set for the Talent Call have been created in order to focus once a year on a particular segment of photographers. This is for the simple reason that we are curious about how this generation of people look at the world and express themselves with a camera. For more information please read this blog post of our editor.


My ZIP-file is more than 5 MB, can I send my portfolio by post or e-mail?

No, the size of your Zip-file may not be bigger than 5 MB and you can only submit your work on www.foamtalent.com. See the terms & conditions

I would like to submit a book I made, how can I send it?

We do not except books as an entry. You can only submit your work on www.foamtalent.com. See the terms & conditions

How can I submit my work?

You can submit your work on www.foamtalent.com

I want to submit my work for the Talent Call, but I don’t have a C.V. Is it possible to enter the Call without a C.V.?

No, we only take complete submissions uploaded on www.foamtalent.com into consideration. See the terms & conditions

Should I upload 20 photos per project/ series or 20 pictures in total?

20 photos in total, 2 series.

When you say ‘a brief description (maximum one A4) of the projects/series’, do you mean one A4 per project or for both projects?

Yes, one A4 for both projects.

I’ve submitted work, but I want to change my submission, is that possible?


When is the deadline for submission?

The Talent Call will close at midnight, Pacific Standard Time, on the 12th of March 2014.

Can I submit my work using my artist name?

Yes but your real name also needs to be specified in the entry form.

Is there a student discount on the submission fee?

No, all entries are €35,-

Uploading / technical

How do I upload my work?

Please make sure that your application is zipped into 1 file. The maximum size of your zip-file is 5MB. Go to the submission section on www.foamtalent.com

Is the max. file size of 5MB for individual files or is that for all 20 files?

The maximum size of your submission (zipped into 1 file) must not be bigger than 5MB.

Why can’t I proceed to step 2?

Please tick the box, ‘I agree with the terms and conditions’.

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